Intellectual Property Rights Registration A Way To Protect To Creation Of Your Mind

Intellectual property means creation of the minds, such as designs, artistic, symbols, names, images, literary work, and inventions used in commerce and protected by law.

Five categories are there in Intellectual property.

1. Trademarks

Trademarks Act 1999 (TM Act)

Process of Trademark Registration

  • Make an application for trademark registration.
  • Once registration is done the “Official Examination Report “ is send by the trademark registry for confirmation.
  • After acceptance of an application, it is published in Trademark Journal.
  • Application will be open for objections for four months.
  • After allprocesses, the trademark certificate is issued by the trademark registry.
  • The renewable term of registration of a trademark is 10 years.

2. Patent

Patents Act 1970

Process of Patent registration

  • Applyfor Patent Registration and get it numbered.
  • Request publication and it will be published within one month.
  • Request examination within 48 months from the dates of filing of an application.
  • A Patent is open for opposition for one year from the date of advertisement.
  • The validity of the patent is twenty years from the date of Registration.

3. Copyright

Copyrights Act 1957

Process of Copyrights registration

  • Apply with complete details and submit to the copyright office.
  • Application will be open for 30 days for objection from the date of application.
  • If no objection is raised the registration will be issued by the copyright office.

4. Design

Design Act 2000

Process of Design registration

  • Make the application with all required documents and submit it to the design wing of the patent office.
  • After acceptance of an application, it will be notified in the patent office journal after that the design will be valid for 10 years from the date of registration.

5. Geographical indication

The Geographical indications of goods Act 1999 (Protection and Registration).

Process of geographical indication

  • Make the application to the registry.
  • The application will open for opposition for three months.
  • If an application is not opposed, then registration willbe grantedby the registry.
  • The registration is of GI valid for tenyears.

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