Why Should You Choose An Accountant For Your Business Creation?

Why Should You Choose An Accountant For Your Business Creation

Are you in the process of setting up your own business or do you plan to start the process soon? An accountant can assist you to give your creation every chance of success and ensure the sustainability of your structure.

An experienced accounting firm can help you on this matter, all thanks to Company Formation Services India. The professional team will help you upstream, during, and after your business creation. 

The chartered accountant: advice before your creation

The accountant is the person designated to provide you with a set of useful and judicious advice during the preliminary phase of your business creation. Chartered Accountant Firms in Delhi can intervene to advise you, on the choice of the statute and the legal form of your company (sole proprietorship or multi-personal company, with their different variations).

It also helps you decide on the social status that is best suited to your situation: thus, you know whether it is more interesting for you to be an employee, from a social or fiscal point of view.

His advisory role is crucial to adopting the right tax regime for your business: is it better to pay you income tax or corporate tax? (Read More: The Growing Need Of Having Qualified Specialists For Accounting)

This professional has the necessary skills to carry out the costed part of your Business Plan: This allows you to reduce your workload, which is intense during the creation phase. All these elements justify the choice to be accompanied by a chartered accountant to create your business. 

The accountant: support during your creation

When you have finalized the preliminary phase, you need to complete a series of tasks necessary to start the business itself. At this stage, the accountant takes care of certain legal aspects such as drafting the articles of association and fills out forms. He adapts the drafting of administrative documents to your request.

He can carry out time-consuming procedures for you, such as the publication of a legal notice, the submission of the file to the relevant bodies. Thus, the accountant can partially relieve you of many mandatory formalities during the creation stage. This allows you to move forward on other important points. 

The chartered accountant: support after your creation

Continuing to use the services of an accountant after setting up your business has more than one advantage. The main function of this professional is to carry out, control your accounts and present the annual accounts.

The accountant can offer you other missions, complementary to this traditional task and thus allow you to concentrate on the activities which interest you the most. Initially, he can take on interventions relating to the management of the company (change of statutes, transmission, implementation of tools intended to evaluate the performance of the company and its evolution).

He is empowered to deal with taxation: Carrying out GST registration of your business, filing GST returns timely, claim the tax benefits, etc.

As its name suggests, the accountant is also the guarantor of the good keeping of the accounts of your company. If you do not wish to manage your accounting internally, you must call on a professional.

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