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Japan Desk- Entrance to Indian Market

Professional Support for Japanese Companies

AKGVG have been assisting Japanese companies in India for more than 19 years since its establishment. And now, AKGVG has a "Japan Desk" to provide specialized support to Japanese companies. The Japan Desk is headed by Mr. Takeshi Ohmi, who has extensive experience in managing companies overseas, including those in India.


Comprehensive Advisor for Japanese Companies

The core of our advisory services concept is to support Japanese companies' Indian operations (subsidiaries, branches and representative offices) with a full service package as below;

Takeshi Ohmi

Takeshi Ohmi

( Head of Japan Desk )

Mobile: +91 9606490962

E-mail: takeshi.ohmi@akgvg.com

Takeshi Ohmi

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture, graduated from Shuyukan High School and Hitotsubashi University.
Worked at Commerzbank Securities Tokyo Branch, Suntory Limited, Johnson & Johnson Japan, and the office of a member of the House of Representatives. Specializes in consumer goods marketing and business and financial management. He was in charge of internal auditing at Suntory and Johnson & Johnson. He was in charge of Suntory's first overseas internal audit for a Chinese subsidiary.
He was stationed in Germany for a total of about 7 years, where he trained at Commerzbank's head office and was in charge of the local business management of a German winery acquired by Suntory.
In 2013, he started his own business as a management consultant and also managed a mobile telecommunications venture in Singapore, before moving to India in 2017. He has been living in New Delhi since 2019. After managing an electronics testing lab, he will be an advisor as Japan Desk of AKGVG from 2021, utilizing his knowledge and network. He has also worked with a number of Japanese companies in India and has experience in supporting the resolution of intra-company disputes.

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