Attendance Tracking System

Attendance Tracking System

There can be nothing more frustrating than having to maintain an attendance tracker; not only does it call for time and patience, but it is also a daily affair. If you choose to automate the time tracking process then it simplifies employee scheduling, results in more accurate pay, and decreases labour costs – a sophisticated time and attendance tracking system can help in this.

At the same time, it is well known for a fact that choosing a reliable and efficient time and attendance management system is not always easy. With options galore in the market for the automated tracking system, this task of zeroing in on the right tracking system can be overwhelming.

So, what exactly should you look for in attendance tracking software? Let’s find out.

Simple and Easy-to-use

The software you choose must be simple to operate and should give you too much of a hard time in understanding the dos and don’ts for usage. The less time you spend in using the solution the higher the adoption rate and the quicker you’ll realize your return on investment. 

Flexible Time Tracking Options

The system should give your employees the flexibility to record their working hours through different platforms such as the computer, smartphone, punch card, tablet, etc. 

Mobile Apps

The attendance tracking system should come with the option to track the employee’s attendance via mobiles. As such a mobile app must be an add-on with them. The apps help the employees to clock in/clock out and apply time off even when they are away from the workstation. Managers can view and approve time off on the go. 

Overtime Calculations

Regardless of the pay rates, the system should be such that it calculates your company’s regular and overtime hours, irrespective of pay rates and the class of work concerned. 


Forgiving greater efficiency to the system, the attendance tracking mechanism should have an audit feature that would enable tracking if any changes were made to the original data. 

Time off Tracking

A system must not track the attendance alone, but it should also be able to keep tabs on time off such as sick leave, parental leave, annual leave, and more. Additionally, there should be the facility of self-service so that employees can easily apply time off, view their time off-balance, and more. 


An attendance system must always serve as a single-best solution for HR managers who are looking to effectively handle large numbers of employees. Therefore, it is necessary to have a tracking system which working employee, the ones who arrive late at work and who is approaching overtime in real-time. Moreover, the system should be intact in generating a detailed report of each employee’s timing and performance. 


Regular notification must be provided by the attendance system to track down who is approaching overtime or forget to clock in and clock out. This is possibly helpful in controlling business expenses. 

Ease of Configuration

Opting an attendance tracking system that is easily navigable every time, accommodates fluidity and can be customized to your specific business needs.

Amidst all the software advancements, we also need one expert professional who is adept in the usage. Our professionals are qualified incomplete usage of these technologies. Moreover, the business owners might lack the knowledge as to which software is best to use. Our analysts can spare you from the unwanted research as they shall be on board with the tried and tested software for a more enhanced experience without any hitches to detect every in-discrepancy. With our pan India reach, no business is too far for us to assist and be part of.

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