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Audit and Assurance Services

Our clients can be assured that the audit work we do is duly compliant with all the legal regulations of UAE. It is also focused on standardized reports that are based on the needs of our clients.

Steps in financial statement audit:

  •   Planning and risk assessment
  •   Internal control testing
  •   Substantive procedures

INTERNAL AUDIT: It is an independent process done separately to add value to the operations of a business, and also renew the performance of the organization. Internal audit plays a crucial role in major decisions taken by the top management and Board of Directors. At KAGVG we handle internal audit and furnish the reports in the necessary format and according to the time of the need.

FINANCIAL STATEMENT AUDIT : At AKGVG, we appraise the financial statements and ensure the authenticity of the items. The end result is an auditor-attested report that is true and fair in all aspects.

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